Decorating Dining Room Wall Art

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Dining room is a place to gather all family members. It may be a center of family activity such as having lunch and dinner. While we are having dinner, we can talk to each other. Sometimes this place is able to be a family discussion room, then. Well, it must become an exiting place. So, we have to decorate our dining room as comfortable as possible.

One of ways to beautify dining room is painting the wall. You can paint it in warm color like brown, white and beige. But you may paint it in joyful colors like red, yellow and orange. You paint the wall by such color and then you could hang your family photographs.

Some people prefer wallpaper to painting it. They argue that wallpaper is a pragmatic design. It is easily installed and changeable. Also, wallpaper has many patterns then they do not need to think what pattern they will paint. They just go to the shop and choose whatever they like.

In other hands, there are some people who like to paint it as an art. They want to express their thoughts and feelings in the wall. Some of them love romantic nuance, so they paint the wall by pink color and draw flowers pictures.

The others like an abstract art because it represents their family as mysterious people. Whatever they paint, they must decorate the dining room to be a delicious place to eat practically. There is another art which can be applied in dining room wall. It is mural paintings. Mural painting is not like wallpaper.

It is a telling painting without repetition pictures. It does not have monotone patterns. It is a dynamic art. It is a big painting covering the whole wall. So, mural painting is only one picture to describe something. For who love naturalism and realism, they could apply natural scene in their dining room by mural painting.

It seems that it may help them to visualize having picnic in the yard. With garden picture mural, they want to feel that they are having lunch in the fresh air. So, mural can be the best dining room wall art.

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