Exotics Outdoor Bathroom Makes You Feel Fresh

Bathroom, Big Bamboo Pot With Brown Pebbles And Wall Mounted Shower Head Feat Sunken Bathtub On Amazing Outdoor Bathroom Ideas, Exotics Outdoor Bathroom Makes You Feel Fresh

Bath activity is a favorite activity in the weekend. Natural meets modernity turn into outdoor bathroom. Outdoor bathroom is a good choice to have a quality of bath with nature touch. Outdoor bathroom is use for secondary bathroom but extravagant space.

Outdoor bathroom with cave concept will be looked very gorgeous if we bring it to our home. Choose rough grey tile bathroom for wall (inside cave) covering and flooring. Build a round cave look with wooden ceiling. Build a sidewall with big natural stone.

Build an infinity faucet between the natural stone. Choose beige rounded bathtub in the outdoor bathroom corner. Design stony floor outside the cave side. Outdoor woody bathroom is a good outdoor bathroom concept too. Use wooden high gloss laminate for wall covering and parquet flooring.

Choose round shape bath-tub with beige or broken white color. Install a wall shower and a unique faucet beside the bath-tub. Put a natural ornament on the bathroom corner. Put towel hang far from wet area. Put a wooden soap cabinet near the faucet. Private beach view is a fabulous location.

We can put natural stone bathtub and simple unique faucet in the back yard with sea or beach view. So we can get quality milk-bath with enjoy the sunrise or sunset. Design the backyard such as, outdoor bathroom area, landscape with the grass for land cover. Plant a coconut tree to give the beach eve. Build partition from natural stone.

Outdoor bathroom concept is not always existed in outdoor space. Modern minimalist bathroom apartment can be design as outdoor bathroom. Bathroom apartment with sea view can be a fabulous indoor bathroom. Invisible tempered glass wall let us see unlimited view outside the bathroom. Choose tile bathroom with grey-stone color, white simple rounded bathtub with simple stainless steel faucet. Install light LED lighting above the bathtub.

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