Interesting White Apartment Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom, Abstract Painting On Wall Shelf Designed With Padded Bed Plus Stylish Chandelier Faced Mirror Equipped With White Chair, Interesting White Apartment Bedroom Design Ideas

Apartment bedroom usually has small size. Therefore, applying white color in an apartment bedroom is a good idea. The white color can help the bedroom to appear brighter and larger. Well, the following are interesting white apartment bedroom design ideas.

I can feel Scandinavian style in this first white apartment bedroom design. White ceiling and walls create clean and bright look in the bedroom. Glass window makes the bedroom appear even brighter. Small potted green plants beautify the windowsill.

Wooden tiles decorate the bedroom floor while bringing warmth and natural feel. Simple white bed provides comfort in the bedroom. Attractive green and orange blankets complement the bed. There’s also a black and white pillow on the bed.

Two small light fixtures mount on wall behind the bed. Meanwhile, a wooden chest of drawers is set at the apartment bedroom corner. A rectangular mirror in red frame is put on top of the chest of drawers.

In this second picture, you can see a more modern white apartment bedroom design. Although the apartment bedroom is modern, it has lovely nature theme. Framed pictures of flowers and leaves hang on the bedroom’s white wall. Glass windows let in natural light.

Potted green plant is even put at the bedroom corner. A dark storage unit stands beside it. Small green plant in a glass cylinder vase adorns the storage unit. A large rectangular mirror hangs horizontally on wall behind the storage unit. White and red bed brings comfort while creating attractive look in the apartment bedroom.

If you want to create elegant feel in a white apartment bedroom, then I suggest you to install black tiles on the floor.

The black floor tiles will give elegant touch to the white apartment bedroom. A high dark wooden bed frame can create even more elegant feel in the bedroom. You may also install a large dark wooden panel on wall behind the bed.

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