Luxury Floor Tile Designs For Your Own Kitchens

Kitchen, Soft Green Wingback Chair Plus Stylish Indoor Fire Place In Open Kitchen Island Decorated With Tile Floor, Luxury Floor Tile Designs for Your Own Kitchens

Material which come from tiles, can be good for your own kitchen floor. Because the floor in a kitchen is different with the other room’s floor. In the kitchen, anything can happen towards the floor. There can be a spill of oil, a spill of coconut milk, or other unwanted spill which can be fall down to the floor.

That is why, a kitchen need a suitable material so that it can cleaned up easily. Since tiles is easy to clean and still looks luxury, it can be a good choice for your own kitchen floor.

The first design applies ceramic tiles as its floor. White ceramics with some black scratches on it has some advantages. Firstly, the ceramic material it uses is easy to clean and the temperature usually cold, so that your feet can comfortably steps on it.

Secondly, the combination between white and the black scratches creates a luxury image of the floor. Commonly, ceramic tiles is made with a square shape, so the size will be 20×20 centimeters tiles for the small one and 30×30 for the standard size, while the bigger one will be 40×40 or 60×60 in centimeters too.

You can choose the size based on the space of the kitchen. Since the first picture has a large space, it applies can applies a standard size of tiles. But it depends on your favorite too. Just like what described in the forth picture. Although it has a large space of kitchen, but it applies small size of tiles made by ceramics too.

It has two sizes of tiles, first, is the small 10×10 centimeters, and combined with the 20X30 centimeters as the larger one. This combination of two sizes of tiles can make the floor has a unique patterns of tiles which is not mono-toned.

With its brown and cream color of tiles, the kitchen has a harmony color combination between the floor and the other elements of the kitchen such as the kitchen cabinet, the table, and also the ceilings color.

If you like the not mono-toned color of kitchen’s floor but still in the way of simplicity yet luxury, you can see the seventh picture. It applies a chess board color of the floor.

Consist of black and white standard size of ceramics tiles, it has become match with the white color of the kitchen cabinets and the white walls within the kitchen. You can see also the other kitchen floor tiles in the several next pictures.

Kitchen, Marble Countertop Paired With Tile Floor Designed With Oak Cabinet Faced Cooking Table Plus Classic Kitchen Chair, Luxury Floor Tile Designs for Your Own Kitchens
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