Pink Girl Room Ideas

Bathroom, Awesome White Ruffled Bedding Paired With Pink Girls Room Decorating Idea Also Crystal Chandelier Design, Pink Girl Room Ideas

Pink girl room is not always completely pink colored. Plain white room can be a pink room by using pink furniture and pink bed set. Use pink color tone for furniture and bed set. Use pink, baby-pink, rose pink, and pink fuchsia for pink girl room color combination.

Put a pink closet in the corner room. Paint the drawer of closet with different pink color. Install rose-pink wooden bedframe with low headboard. Cover the bed with baby-pink cotton bed sheet. Hang a pink fuchsia floating cabinet above the headboard. Put a cute sleeper lamp above the pink side table with drawer.

Install a pink desk with cute chair. Install bookshelf or floating cabinet above the desk. Put cute flowery fur rug on the white floor. Italian pink girl room style is also looks very cute. Paint the wall with baby-pink and white stripe. Choose a cute white curtain. Install a white bedframe.

Choose vintage flowery motif for bed sheet and some pillowcase. Choose an embroidery blanket. Open polka dot pink rug on the parquet floor. Cover a pillow with matching polka dot pink pillowcase. Hang some Italian statement image inside the white frame.

Eiffel sketch look good hanged in the white frame. Install a simple crystal chandelier on the center white ceiling. Put a cute sleeper lamp above the white cute side table. Put a rose-pink cute bench near your bed.

Hello Kitty, ribbon, and pink is a soul mate. Design your façade room with square lines and Hello Kitty head. Put a LED TV on the Hello Kitty head. Use pink and white for color combination. You can add pink ribbon ornament to your sofa, cushion, curtain, etc. and then put a cute Hello Kitty ornament inside the room.

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