Presenting Gorgeous Bedroom With Big Bunk Beds

Bedroom, Kid Big Bunk Plus Soft Bedding Decorative Wall Shelves Filled With Radio Doll And Toy Combine With Dark Pink Rug, Presenting Gorgeous Bedroom with Big Bunk Beds

Limitation of bedroom space becomes current problem. Therefore, somehow two kids must be in a bedroom. However, they will not sleep at the same bed. For that reason, gorgeous bedroom still could be gotten with big bunk beds although there are two kids in the bedroom.

Pink wall that is accompanied with white accent make the bedroom relief. Moreover, the existence of big bunk bed in this room could save the space. White bunk bed is completed with medium white ladder. Upper bed is set horizontally while the lower bed is set vertically.

White study vanity with white chair is completed in the left side. Some white drawers are set in the right side of the bunk. Brown carpet in rude texture covers the whole floor of this bedroom. Flexible floor lamp is standing near the make up vanity.

Wooden bunk bed in this next bedroom encompasses two beds. Those beds are set in the linear line. Both of beds are set vertically. Wooden stair which has four staircases connect the lower part and upper part.

Sides of each staircase are used to design some drawers with wooden handles. This bunk bed looks harmonious with the bright wooden floor and beige wall. Large glass windows are covered with light beige curtain. Small rug is placed near the bunk bed.

Foods painting in blue based color is hanging above the upper bed. This cheerful painting is enough to give chic touch in this soft accent bedroom.

When closet and beds are in one bunk bed, the bedroom will really looks tidy. This bunk bed is adjacent to the wall because its model has wide wooden board to hold beds and closet.

This bunk bed is completed with three staircases which each step is used to be drawers. This bunk bed maximizes space on the sides of two beds to be the elegant drawers.

Some small shelves are put above the upper bed. The closet is as high as the bunk bed. For the conclusion, it is agreed that bunk bed could save the bedroom space in beautiful way.

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