The Most Captivating Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Bathing is not just an activity to cleanse the body. When bathing, you also get freshness. It will make you to have greater enthusiasm for taking your day. Therefore, it’s important to decorate your bathroom maximally. Well, are you interested to create modern look in your bathroom?

If you want to create a modern look in your bathroom, you can begin by painting your bathroom ceiling and walls with white color. White is a color often used in modern decor. If your bathroom also has white floor tiles, then it will be better.

Floating wood cabinets will bold modern impression of the bathroom. You also need to install floating vanity on a wall. Make sure that the vanity has storage space and white washbasin. Pair the vanity with wall-mount faucet and mirror. Rectangular white bathtub will create luxurious impression in your bathroom. Lay a thin rug on floor near the bathtub.

For enhancing comfort, add the bathroom with modern white seat. I also suggest you to attach wallpaper with snowy mountain and cherry tree images to deliver a more natural atmosphere. Modern bathroom can also be created in a small room. The combination of black and white colors is so perfect for a small modern bathroom.

Attach black or dark gray tiles on floor of your small room. For the walls, paint them with white color. Leave one wall to be decorated with black tiles. Then, install rectangular white bathtub in the room. White washing stand with stainless steel faucet is a great choice for small modern bathroom.

Pair the washing stand with a wall-mount mirror. You also need to flank the washing stand with wall-mount towel rack and modern small table. Adorn the table with natural yellow flower. White toilet will complete the bathroom.

The third picture shows a more attractive modern bathroom. Beige tiles adorning the wall of the bathroom. White cabinets with yellow accent enrich the wall texture. A floating vanity with yellow storage gives attractive touch to the bathroom.

The vanity comes with white washbowl and stainless steel faucet. A small rectangular mirror is mounted vertically on wall behind the vanity. Small round rug in black color lies on the bathroom floor. Small white table with a potted cactus stands on the round rug. Rectangular white bathtub with platform makes the bathroom more perfect.

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