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In these recent days, many houses have the small size. People choose to have the minimalist one because we want to have the simple house. This condition makes every room we have is also small. We have a limited space in our house. Furthermore, we need many spaces to be the place our things.

For example, we have many books so that we need bookshelf that can be used as a receptacle for our book. Because of this fact we need to modify the bookshelf that can relocate books in big number. It is because we a bookshelf in our house. In this time, the writer will explain about two unique bookshelf that can relocate our books.

The first type is wall bookshelf. We can use it as the relocation place of our book. The bookshelf is stick on the wall. Besides it can accommodate books in book number, it also has an economical material to make it. It is because we only need some long boards to be placed on the wall without adding some other material as the body of the bookshelf.

We can arrange the boards as we want as long as they have a good pattern, they will be good to see. Except as a bookshelf function, wall bookshelf also can make a good decoration in our room. We do not even need a special decoration in our room because we have made our bookshelf to change its position become a beautiful decoration.

That is why wall bookshelf is a unique bookshelf that we can have at home. The second one is a handmade bookshelf. It means that we can design our bookshelf our self. We can be as creative as we are in creating our bookshelf. For example, if we have waste things, if there is possibility to make them as a bookshelf.

That is a good idea to start designing our own bookshelf. If we have a handmade bookshelf, we will be proud of us that we have been able to make a useful thing using our own hands. We will think that we are a great person, because we have made a unique bookshelf by ourselves. That is why a handmade bookshelf is a good choice to have a unique bookshelf in our house.

In brief, there are two types of unique bookshelf for us. The first one is a wall bookshelf that sticks on the wall. The second one is a handmade bookshelf that has a creative design. Besides the model is unique, it also can make us be proud. Do you think the same with the writer? The writer is sure that you do. So, just try to have it at your house then.

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